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High idle in park

Posted: Sun Nov 10, 2013 2:13 pm
by dominomanager
Hey fellow jeep owners.. Im new here and need some help with my 2000 wj 4.7. Ive seen my problem on but have yet to find a solution. Here is my problem in a nut shell.
Truck idles at 1500 to 1700 in park. Ive replaced the IAC, TPS, Vacuum lines, and even the throttle body its self. I had the computer hooked up and it says the TPS is at 10% with key on and 75% WOT with key on. When I did a scan it has some C codes for wheel speed sensor fail. There aren't any check engine light on or ABS lights on. If I disconnect the battery for an hour it will idle fine until I drive it then it shoots the rpms back up to 1500 in park. If anyone has had the same problem that can help me out I would greatly appreciate the help.

Re: High idle in park

Posted: Mon Nov 11, 2013 6:34 pm
by dilleywhopper
I'd try an ECM from pullapart.